Compress PDF Files

Here you can compress PDF documents online and reduce their
file size of up to 90% the original size, without losing the visual quality. Just select the PDF file (max 50MB) to compress and wait.

Best Online PDF Compressor

Compress All Your Files

There is no limit in the number of files you can compress with our service (use it ethically!).

From Any Web Browser

This service works from any modern web browser, such as Gogole Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Online File Compression

You do not need to install any software or addon to compress files, all is done in the cloud.

All Files Are Deleted

Both uploaded and compressed files are removed from our servers after approximately 6 hours.

Nothing to Configure

It is super easy to use our service, you just need to select the file you want to compress.

Quality is Preserved

We use the smartest settings to keep a good visual quality when compressing the file.

Without Watermark

Compressed files do not contain any watermark... yes you got it right: we don't add watermark!

Totally Free to Use

You don't have to pay a single cent (or penny?) to compress files online with our service.